Bangla SMS Collection for Friends, Girlfriend/Boyfriend {Latest}

Bangla SMS is the most trending thing of Bangladeshi and Indian People. They can share their expression by Bengali SMS. Here is the latest collection SMS available for you.

I hope you will be looking for Bangla SMS for share your Expression, Love, Respect to your Family, Friends, Girlfriend/Boyfriend. If you really looking for this, so don’t worry! You are entered in the right place. Because Best Festival Wishes shared lot of SMS for Family, Friends, Girlfriend and Boyfriend. You can collect all sms for free. So no more late. Now it is time to share Latest Bangla SMS for you

Top Collection of Bangla SMS

We know that Bengali is the 4th Famous language in the world. Sending SMS in Bangla is not a new trend in the friend society in Bangladesh and India (West Bengal, Asam, Tripura). So People are looking for Bangla-SMS for sending to their lover, friend, family or make the status on Facebook. This reasons maximum people will be looking for Top Collection SMS in Bengali Language. So we have collect lot of SMS for Bengali People. We hope you will be like this.

Bangla SMS

Bangla SMS for Friends

We have included best collection sms for in SMS for Friend Category. All are SMS is Funny, Inspirational and motivational. collect these and share your SMS using facebook,whatsapp .There we also give some Friendship SMS in Bangla language, what will benefit to people send and wish to their friend. I hope everyone will be like these. So check the best collection of Bengali SMS

  • Praner cheye priyo tome bhondu amaar , hajar bochor beche robe bhondutto dujonar
  • Majhe Majhe Akasher Chad Lukiye Jay Megher oi vaje. Kichu Shopno to bheshe Jay Shagor ar Jole. Kichu Sriti Pushe Rakhi Moner Ogochore. Kew bhalobeshe Chole Jai Dure But bhonduTake Jay Hridoyer Majhe.
  • ekta Jibon mane ekta golpo, ekta Mon mane ekta bhalobashar Mondir, ekta Prem mane ekta Sonali Sowpno, ekta Milon mane ekta Shukher Shorgo, R ekta bhalo bhondu holo beche Thakar perona
  • Jibon here Jay mrittur Kache”Shuk harieye Jay dukh er kache “bhalobasha Here Jay Ovinoy er Kache” tobe bhonduttho Here Jay Na Karor i Kache!
  • bhondutto Holo Adharer Majhe Jolonto Mombatir Moto Je Nije Jhole bhondu Ke Poth Dekhai
  • bhalobasha Holo shei akaash ja hotat Alokito Abar hotat amaborsha adhaar. Ar bhondu Holo Sey Akash Je Akashe Chad Tarar Khela Diba Nishi Raat
  • A Badhon Jabe Na Kono Din Chire. A Badhon Roye Jabe Jhug Jhug Dhore. A Badhon Jabe Na Kono Din Vhula. Karon A Badhon Je Bhondutther Sriti Diye Ghira.
  • Nil Akasher Pakhi tome Sure Sure Dako, bhondu Hoye Sara Jibon Moner Vitor Thako. K Bolece tome Dure, tome Acho HRidoy Jure, Kolponar oi ochinpure.

Bangla SMS For Girlfriend

Love is the great and universal side of human life. The people who want to sends the lovely quote or little romantic poem to their loving person, for those people we give few beautiful Bangla SMS. Not only Valentine day but can people also use those SMS to their boyfriend or girlfriend those SMS in any day or at their birthday.

  • Akash ta joto sundor
    tar ceye besi sundor tar bisalota.
    Nodi ta joto sundor
    tar ceye besi sundor tar boye jowa.
    Bristy joto sundor
    tar ceye besi sundor tar jhore pora
    Manus joto sundor
    tar ceye besi sundor tar valobasa.
  • Valobese keno tobe……
    kase ale na!!
    tumay chara akla mai…..
    kisu valo lage na!!
  • Jodi amar hridoy akas hoy
    tobe kisu megh amar mone.
    taito amar moner akase
    bristy hoye tumar abirvab.
  • Kichu brishtir jol osru hishebe nilam
    Kichu phuler kanta bethya hishebe nilam
    Kichu shuk nirdabi kore dilam
    Kichu dhukkho dhaar hishebe nilam
    Obosheshe kichu golap shuvechha hishebe dilam
  • Tumi jol chao na
    Ami tomay bristy debo
    Tumi phul neo na
    Ami tomay bagan debo
    Tumi raater tara khujo na
    Ami tomay chaad-ta ene debo
    Tumi bishonno theko na
    Ami tomay ador debo
    Tumi birohe theko na
    Ami tomay pran bhore bhalobsha debo
  • Kase jodi naiba aso
    valo jodi naiba baso
    tobe keno jorale amay
    mitthe valobasy
Bangla SMS for Boyfriend
  • Oe Akashar Dur Nilimaay
    Meh Gulo Sobh
    Hareia Jaay Kothay..
    Shopno Vaase Projapotir Danay,
    Khovh miss Korchi Tomaay,
    Tumi Kih Miss Korcho Amaay..
  • Misti Paakhir Gaane,
    Valobashar Taane,
    Himelh Hawor Porosh Diye,
    Beli Fuler Subhas Diyeh,
    Valobhasar hat Diyeh,
    Jaaniye Dilam SMS Diye..
  • Hazar tara chaina ami
    Akta chand chai
    Hazar phool chaina ami
    Akta golap chai
    Haajar jonom chai na ami
    Akta jonom chai
    Shei jonome ami jeno
    Tomay shudhu pai
  • Protiti manusher jibone chaor sesh nei
    Shopner kono sesh nei,
    Akulotar kon shima porishima nei
    Amar chaoa tumi, shopno sudhu tumi
    Shob akulota shudu tomay ghire
    Amar jibon shudu tomake niye priyotoma
  • Dukkho ache amar mone
    Prokash korbo kar shone
    Dukkho shunar manush nai
    Tai nijer kosto nijei pai
    Jedin pabo tar dekha
    Bolbo moner shob na bola kotha!

Finally, there are lots of Bangla SMS in around us. But most of all are less than almost minimum quality. If you use lame SMS or text idea to send any one of make status on Facebook, then it may be spoiled your public image. Therefore it is important to use smart and meaningful SMS.

In conclusion, from the thought, here we give a few Bangla SMS what is smart and charming to hear and must be useful to anyone. As a result, it will help A friend of another friend, lover to love or well-wisher can use those without any argue.

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