Lakshmi Puja Mantra | List of Goddess Laxmi Puja Mantra

Are you looking for Lakshmi Puja Mantra for Laxmi Pujan 2019? So this post for you. Here I am going to share Goddess Laxmi Puja Mantra List in Hindi, English & Bengali for you. You can collect Mahalakshmi Mantra from this page.

Do you want to Download Lakshmi Puja Mantra for Lakshmi Puja? So don’t worry! No need to feel any tension. Because you are coming in the exact place. Because here i going to share the most important thing for Lakshmi Puja. The Full List of Mahalakshmi Mantra for you. You can collect all Mantra from here with Audio and Video. So let’s collect Laxmi Puja Mantra.

Lakshmi Puja Mantra

Lakshmi Puja Mantra

We know that this year Laxmi Pujan 2019 will celebrate on 7th November in India & Bangladesh. Every year Laksmi Puja after the Durga Puja. This Laksmi Puja is also called Kojagari Lakshmi Puja. 

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In the Puja Time or Before the Lakshmi Puja, Every Hindu People searching Laxmi Puja Mantra in different search engine. But they do not get the full list of Mahalakshmi Mantra. This reason here I have already included all Mantra for Lakshmi Puja. You can download this Mantra in Video or Audio format.

  • Lakshmi Beej Mantra

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं लक्ष्मीभयो नमः॥

Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah॥

  • Mahalakshmi Mantra

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रसीद प्रसीद ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्मयै नम:॥

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseed Praseed

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah॥

  • Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra 

ॐ श्री महालक्ष्म्यै च विद्महे विष्णु पत्न्यै च धीमहि तन्नो लक्ष्मी प्रचोदयात् ॐ॥

Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi

Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om॥

This is the post for Lakshmi Puja Mantra list for you. Here i have shared Mantra with Video Clips (Youtube Video) . I hope you guys will be like this. If you like this post, so please never forget to share. Thank you so much for visiting here.

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